Voyages: Dubrovnik – Venice

dubrovnik -  special offer venecia -  special offerDear guests,
for the first time in company's history, we are offering a voyage by our luxury yacht Nostra Vita, connecting two pearls of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik and Venice. A trip from Bella Venezia to the stone jewel of Dubrovnik, along the magic Croatian Adriatic coast, will take you through the land of dreams, and make you wish to never wake up; sailing across the bluest sea in the world; introduce you the most charming stone towns that are telling their stories of thousands years of history; provide you a crystal clean sea in wonderful privacy of hidden bays; recommend you the most popular and fancy clubs for all night parties…
And much more… Our four-member crew has only one task: to make your vacation extraordinary, unforgettable and memorable, the best vacation of your life, so you simply will not be able to wait to come back to us again and experience this heavenly voyage one more time.

Itinerary, 14 days:

dubrovnik - special offerDay 1. Dubrovnik

Board in the early afternoon. There will be a lot of free time to sightsee this world-famous city, to visit museums, shop and relax in picturesque sidewalk cafés and restaurants.
Dubrovnik is  a city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), and of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site). Itis one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean. Apart from its outstanding natural beauties and well-preserved cultural and historical heritage, Dubrovnik also offers high-quality opportunities to its visitors: it is also the city of hotels, of high environmental standards and interesting and numerous programs for tourists, and is equally attractive in all seasons.

mljet - special offerDay 2. Island of Mljet, national park

Departure from Dubrovnik at 9 AM and sailing towards the astonishing and unique National Park of Mljet. Anchorage in the picturesque Polace bay. Delicious fresh fish and crab for lunch, followed by swimming in the crystal clear sea of the national park area. In the afternoon, visit two Mljet’s salt lakes.  
In the Big Lake, there is a small island called St. Mary, with a fortified monastery from the Romanesque period, like a castle from fairytales. On an island within an island!
Having a dinner somewhere in Mljet’s “midland” is an exceptional experience.
The island of Mljet is the most densely wooded island of the Adriatic. Due to its old thick Aleppo pine forests , limestone caves, two picturesque salt-water lakes (connected with each other and the sea), many sandy and pebble beaches, and plentiful fishing grounds, the western part of the island has been proclaimed a national park.

korcula - special offerDay 3. Island of Korcula, town of Korcula

It may be true that places and islands are all different and unique, but Korcula undoubtedly holds a privileged position among Croatian islands. Here there are perhaps even more legends, tales and monuments than anywhere else. The oldest written monument in Croatia, in Greek, was found here. According to a legend, Korcula was established by the Trojan hero Anthenor in the 12th century BC.  
Coming from Mljet, we will anchorage in front of a small Island of Badija, in the middle of the Korcula archipelago, to enjoy swimming and lunch in the spectacular scenery of  beautiful islands. There is an old monastery on Badija Island, beaches, a restaurant, and if you are lucky, you can meet a deer there, as they live freely on the island.  
In the afternoon, cooled by a characteristic breeze of “mistral”, we will moor in a marina in the ancient town of Korcula, a hometown of Marko Polo, wonder its narrow stone-paved streets and look for the best restaurant in town with the best views to an unforgettable sunset.

hvar - special offerDay 4. Island of Hvar

When you wake up day 4, we will already be on our way to the Hvar Island. You will enjoy your breakfast while listening to the calming sound of beautiful Nostra Vita cutting blue waves.  
Lunch will be served on another small island, called Scedro, just outside the town of Hvar. You will have time for yourself here, to swim, scuba diving, Jet Ski, or simply snooze in the shade of fragrant pines.  
Around 5 pm, we will moor in a quiet bay on the Hvar Island. Our crew will take you sightseeing to the beautiful town of Hvar, with a long and rich history. Supper in a restaurant or aboard.

rogoznica - special offerDay 5. Rogoznica

Morning arrival to the bay of Rogoznica, with breakfast aboard. We will find a nice spot to enjoy Mediterranean way of life, that includes barbequeing, drinking excellent wine and relaxing the whole day.  Rogoznica is located in the middle of the Adriatic coast, connecting its south with its north, and representing the very best of both sides. Especially when you enjoy it on such a luxurious and cozy boat. 

skradin - special offerDay 6. Skradin, national park

Another national park on our Adriatic route is River Krka falls and cute little town of Skradin on the rivers estuary.  We will reach it sailing slowly through a high, impressive canyon, dag in hard stone by force of Krka River.
An excursion to beautiful Krka’s falls and old river mills will be organized. There is a curiosity about Krka. The very first hydro-electrical plant in the world was made there, and you’ll be able to visit it. Like every day, meals are either served aboard, or you can enjoy in some local restaurants. However, as Krka is extremely clean river, we recommend you to taste some river fish local speciality in restaurant ashore.

kornati - special offerDay 7. Kornati islands, national park

After the previous day’s invigorating experience by the river, we are back to the Adriatic sea. Today we will be travelling through a labyrinth of small islands to the National park of Kornati. Whilst touring the islands we will locate the perfect bay to anchor and enjoy the day. You will discover sea so clean, that the seabed is still visible up to a depth of 40meters.  Kornati Island is the place where you will find paradise and discover a small Island of your own.

telasica - special offerDay 8. Telascica, park of nature

Leaving stone-white Kornati, we will enjoy in a deep green colour of pine forest around lake-like calm sea surface in a long bay of Telascica. This is a perfect place to test your diving equipment, because of richness of sea life there. In addition, as this area was the main trading route throughout a history, if you look carefully, you might find some sank old ship, and even a lost treasury. You newer know about those things in Adriatic Sea. a In the evening, we will make a campfire, put some fresh fish on grill, open wine bottle, and enjoy in silence of starry night and a time passing by.

molat - special offerDay 9. Molat Island

Peace and tranquillity will be found in abundance on the Island of Molat. This is the perfect island away from tourism with no hotels, no crowds and only a handful of restaurants.  Molat is the ideal location for leisurely strolls through the pine forest which enable you to take in the beautiful scenery. Molat is also an ideal setting for scuba diving and jet skiing, as there are many small islands nearby which you can visit. Due to the location the restaurants provide a sopportunity to sample the very best food the Adriatic has to offer. The Captain is always on hand to offer his local expertise.

mali losinj - special offerDay 10. Mali Losinj

In Roman times the Island of Losinj and Cres were one, in today’s times the two islands are separate but connected by a bridge. This island will stimulate your senses with an array of colours, fragrances and taste. This islands traditional cuisine can be sampled which is based on wild aromatic plants and olive oil. Once again you will be delighted be the taste of spring lamb and kvarner bay scampi and the aroma of home made brandy with herbs and the bouquet of the local wine from Susak.

medulin - special offerDay 11. Medulin

The next morning, the Nostra Vita will reach Istria, the biggest peninsula of the Croatian Adriatic coast. Istria is also called “Terra Magica” in Latin, i. e. “magic land”, which it really is. You will have your first magical contact with Istria in the town of Medulin. The boat will anchor in the bay of Medulin, and you will decide whether to have a meal aboard and relax, or to be transported ashore for sight-seeing and fun in this popular tourist destination. 

umag - special offerDay 12. Umag

Some will say that Umag is the most beautiful town of the Istrian coast. The boat will moor in the Umag marina in the late afternoon, perfect timing to enjoy a coffee, go souvenir shopping, take some photos, and pick a perfect restaurant for a delicious dinner.  Umag is one of the many towns on the Adriatic coast that has existed since the time of the old Roman’s empire. You can actually see and feel its centuries of history in every step on the polished streets of stone.

venice - special offerDay 13. Venice

Venice’s reputation precedes it but the city, called “La Serenissima” (the most serene) by many, is sure to impress you with its energy and vitality.  To some it is the most romantic city on earth but let’s leave it to your own personal impression.   
The boat will be moored in a Venetian marina, and at your disposal for the entire day. Local taxi boats can take you to visit the many unique parts of Venice by navigating through the sandy lagoon in narrow sea channels.

Day 14.
Final day

We hope that your experience upon the Nostra Vita has been memorable.  It is always our pleasure to accompany you on this nautical adventure, exploring the hidden and historic paradises of the Adriatic.  We will sadly say goodbye at 10am but we are sure the crisp Mediterranean air will inspire you to come back and breath it again.

Good luck and see you the next year!

PRICE FOR TWO WEEKS (for whole yacht)    

24.04 - 29.05 29.05 - 26.06 26.06 - 11.09 11.09 - 02.10 02.10 - 16.10 16.10 - 24.04
61100 euro 66000 euro 71000 euro 66000 euro 61100 euro 55900 euro

Price includes: boat rental for seven days, shipboard accommodation, insurance, all boat expenses, fuel,  guest taxes, linens and towels, sailing max 4 hours per day, crew, 4 hours use of generator, use of internet on board and use of tender for water sports (2 hours per day).

Price does not include: food, drinks, transfers, city tours and national park tickets, port taxes.

Additional payment:
It is obligatory to take one of the food and beverage options.

Food options:
1. All inclusive half board, (breakfast and lunch) 1260 EUR per person per 2 weeks,
    all drinks and port taxes included.
2. All inclusive full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) 1440 EUR per person per 2 weeks,
    all drinks and port taxes included.
3. Deluxe all inclusive menu 2740 EUR (Luxury champagne, selection of premium wines,
    supreme Mediterranean cuisine).

- Children till 10 years: 50 % discount
- Children till 4 years: free of charge
- 1 500 Euro per week for use of JET-SKI or 250 Euro per day + gasoline

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Voyages: Dubrovnik – Venice


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